lotus 56b italy 1971 #F1

(Emerson Fittipaldi’s) #Lotus 56B – Pratt Whitney STN76 turbineAbout the #Lotus 56B and his “special” engine:The #Lotus 56 was a racing car, designed by Maurice Philippe as Team #Lotus’

1968 entry in the Indianapolis 500, replacing the successful #Lotus 38. Colin Chapman developed the 56 as a potential F1 contender, part of his plan to have a single design to compete at both the Indy 500 and in Formula 1, but it was too heavy and never competitive. The car was designated as the 56B and Emerson Fittipaldi tried it in the

1971 Race of Champions and International (more…)

1958 #Monaco grand prix #F1

N20: Maurice Trintignant (FRA) (Rob Walker Racing Team), #Cooper T45 – Climax FPF 2. 0 L4 (finished 1st)

N32: Stuart Lewis-Evans (GBR) (Vandervell Products Ltd. ), Vanwall VW5 – Vanwall 254 2.

5 L4 (RET)

N38 (behind Evans): Mike Hawthorn (GBR) (Scuderia #Ferrari), #Ferrari 246 – #Ferrari 143 2. 4 V6 (RET)

1958 Monaco Grand Prix, Circuit de Monaco